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Baker Beach San Francisco California Engagements

Though this lovely couple met in the Bay Area, they both call Los Angeles home. With a fall wedding planned in Sacramento, Van and Huy wanted to revisit the gorgeous setting where they met to create amazing engagement photos, and they turned out beautifully! Two main locations were used: Baker Beach and Sutro Baths – perfect spots for timeless images. To say the pictures turned out breathtaking is an understatement! Van and Huy used iconic destinations in San Francisco, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, as the background for some of the pictures. The photographer did a fabulous job capturing the beauty of the California’s surroundings and perfect weather without overshadowing the loving bride-to-be and her fiancé. The warm glow of the sun just added to the amazing ambiance of their location shots on the beach. Perfection! baker-beach-and-sutro-baths-san-francisco-california-engagement baker-beach-and-sutro-baths-san-francisco-california-engagement-2 baker-beach-and-sutro-baths-san-francisco-california-engagement-22 baker-beach-and-sutro-baths-san-francisco-california-engagement-4 baker-beach-and-sutro-baths-san-francisco-california-engagement-5 baker-beach-and-sutro-baths-san-francisco-california-engagement-6 baker-beach-and-sutro-baths-san-francisco-california-engagement-7 baker-beach-and-sutro-baths-san-francisco-california-engagement-23 baker-beach-and-sutro-baths-san-francisco-california-engagement-9 baker-beach-and-sutro-baths-san-francisco-california-engagement-10 baker-beach-and-sutro-baths-san-francisco-california-engagement-11 baker-beach-and-sutro-baths-san-francisco-california-engagement-12 baker-beach-and-sutro-baths-san-francisco-california-engagement-24 baker-beach-and-sutro-baths-san-francisco-california-engagement-14 california engagement sessions

The next location featured a more industrial look, complete with concrete and steel. Van and Huy stood out beautifully in contrast with the neutral palette – they just looked so happy and in love, and no matter where they took pictures all eyes are drawn to them. The photographer did an amazing job capturing the movement and love between these two!


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