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Autumn Rustic Ferguson North Carolina Real Wedding

If you were considering having your wedding at a resort in the mountains, visions of camp fires, horses, cowboy boots would definitely come to mind. When Jayna and Jonathon got married, they used their surroundings in the theme but they definitely had a more traditional feel to their nuptials. They were able to have an elegant affair even though the venue was rustic. However, elements of the ceremony, decor as well as the reception were planned around where the festivities were held. north carolina weddings There were wooden signs hanging everywhere with messages about love or simply providing directions. The most unique as aspect was that they asked the guests to put a message on a leaf and then place the leaf on a tree. This is definitely something that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. autumn-rustic-ferguson-north-carolina-real-wedding-2  autumn-rustic-ferguson-north-carolina-real-wedding-3 autumn-rustic-ferguson-north-carolina-real-wedding-4 autumn-rustic-ferguson-north-carolina-real-wedding-5 autumn-rustic-ferguson-north-carolina-real-wedding-6 autumn-rustic-ferguson-north-carolina-real-wedding-7 autumn-rustic-ferguson-north-carolina-real-wedding-8 autumn-rustic-ferguson-north-carolina-real-wedding-10 autumn-rustic-ferguson-north-carolina-real-wedding-9 autumn-rustic-ferguson-north-carolina-real-wedding-11 autumn-rustic-ferguson-north-carolina-real-wedding-12 autumn-rustic-ferguson-north-carolina-real-wedding-13 autumn-rustic-ferguson-north-carolina-real-wedding-14 For example, the guests threw leaves at the bride and groom as they came down the aisle after exchanging their vows. autumn-rustic-ferguson-north-carolina-real-wedding-15  autumn-rustic-ferguson-north-carolina-real-wedding-16 autumn-rustic-ferguson-north-carolina-real-wedding-17 autumn-rustic-ferguson-north-carolina-real-wedding-18 autumn-rustic-ferguson-north-carolina-real-wedding-19 autumn-rustic-ferguson-north-carolina-real-wedding-20 autumn-rustic-ferguson-north-carolina-real-wedding-21 autumn-rustic-ferguson-north-carolina-real-wedding-22 autumn-rustic-ferguson-north-carolina-real-wedding-23 autumn-rustic-ferguson-north-carolina-real-wedding-24 autumn-rustic-ferguson-north-carolina-real-wedding-25 autumn-rustic-ferguson-north-carolina-real-wedding-26 autumn-rustic-ferguson-north-carolina-real-wedding-27 autumn-rustic-ferguson-north-carolina-real-wedding-28 autumn-rustic-ferguson-north-carolina-real-wedding-29 autumn-rustic-ferguson-north-carolina-real-wedding-30 autumn-rustic-ferguson-north-carolina-real-wedding-31 autumn-rustic-ferguson-north-carolina-real-wedding-32

As you can see, just because your wedding is at a specific venue, you can plan it anyway that you want. You can be influenced by the surroundings but you don't have to be controlled by it. Make your wedding uniquely yours and don't change your ideas for your nuptials just because all of the ideas don't look like they fit. The day will be more memorable if you stay true to your dreams and plan the wedding that you want.

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