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Aspen Falls Colorado Engagement Photos

Aspen Falls Colorado Engagement Photos. There’s nothing fussy about Rachel and Tyler. They set out for an engagement session in Aspen Falls, Colorado, to prelude their quick wedding before jetting off to Estes Park. It's no surprise they happened upon a stretch of gorgeous golden Aspens but this particular natural wonder certainly made for a radiant session. The couple dressed casually for their engagement shoot, which was perfect for the location. Tyler was in a comfy shirt and khakis, and Rachel chose a light dress and booties.

aspen falls engagement engagement photography

The sun was beaming down through the spaces in the trees, creating beautiful and soft organic rays of light around the couple. Their connection pierces through the photos in such an authentic way.

engagement photography engagement photography engagement photography engagement photography

Rays of gold seemed to be the theme as a golden leaf was the perfect spot to get a classic shot of Rachel’s engagement ring.

engagement photography

They made an outfit change into long sleeves and before they knew it, were surrounded in a myriad of striking golden Aspen leaves and tall wild grasses.

engagement photography

Wrapped in one another's arms, Rachel and Tyler embraced amid the blazing yellow and became the epitome of comfy and cozy during their quiet walk in the woods.

engagement photography engagement photography

There's no doubt Rachel and Tyler are wildly in love. And although this session had incredible views of the mountain pass in Aspen, these two, without a doubt, only have eyes for each other.

Photography: LisaAnne Photography

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