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Amsale Spring 2013 Bridal Gown Collection

If you are looking for a classic yet modern wedding gown, then you must see the Amsale Spring collection. They have taken classic styling and given it a new spin. They have taken satin and lace and created masterpieces. As you look at the gowns, they all share A-line designs with a tight waist. The bottoms of some dresses of them flare out which is classic 40's. The tops are all different though which provides many choices. You can have a strapless gown or one that has lace or even one off the shoulder. If you don't want the flare bottom, they also have the totally A-line gown as well.

No matter what your taste, Amsale has not left a stone unturned. But these are only the full length offerings. They also have shorter dresses that share the same styling and provide other options. You could wear it as your wedding gown or even as your second dress for the reception. They are cute yet dressy at the same time.

Amsale did not stop there. They also have some beautiful gowns that can be worn both for the wedding and after for another affair. They are gorgeous bridesmaids dresses that they definitely would not mind wearing again. There are several different varieties and they share the A-line design which makes them more fashionable.

Amsale's Spring collection definitely is a must see. It is very cohesive and each piece tells a part of the story for the designer. If you check it out, we are sure that something will grab your eye.

Dresses: Amsale / Photography: Corbin Gurkin

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