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Amazing Caketress Wedding Cakes

Amazing Caketress Wedding Cakes

Amazing Caketress Wedding Cakes.

We all have seen food that is so amazing that you just want to admire it. Well, Caketress wedding cakes out of Toronto, Canada are works of art. They are so stunning that you just want to look at them. You are mesmerized. They show that all wedding cakes are not just simply a dessert. They are an event in themselves. The company's owner, Lori Hutchinson, makes custom designed cakes. She does not repeat her creations so each bride receives a cake that is uniquely hers. Lori derives her inspiration from the couple. It might be their favorite drink, the wedding gown or simply their personal style.

Her friends and family had always loved the desserts that came out of Lori's kitchen. She realized her talent when an Executive chef of a local hotel truly enjoyed one of her cupcakes.

After this inspiration, she wanted to be the best that she could be.Until this time, she had basically taught herself but she wanted to be better.

She was able to study under Bonnie Gordon of Bonnie Gordon Cakes. Her passion combined with her new skills have catapulted her to another level of creativity and excellence.

Many companies use various shapes for their cakes but it is the variety of designs and the attention to detail that sets Lori apart from her competition. The flowers on her cakes look as though though they are painted. They are the same strokes as oil paint on a canvas.

You can see her versatility in the cakes that we selected. They are small or large. They have one tier or multiple. They are skinny or wide. If you are in Toronto or the surrounding areas, you should definitely consider getting a cake from Lori. Since they are custom made, it will not be a replica of a friend or family member's cake. It will be uniquely yours. Don't you want that for your special day?

Cakes By: The Caketress

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