50's styled engagement session in Denver Colorado

Do you love to travel as a couple? One amazing idea for engagement shoots is to head to your favorite airport and capture your special time surrounded by amazing energy and architecture. There are numerous airports around the country that feature period architecture or amazing visual art – think the swanky terminals in the San Francisco International Airport or mid-century modern look in some areas of the Los Angeles International Airport. One place that offers perfect views of the mountains and city is Denver International. It sits far enough away from the city in an open landscape that travelers can see fantastic panoramic views, sunrises and sunsets. Glorie and Andy have spent numerous dates in Denver International, so it was the perfect spot to take lovely engagement photos. 50's-denver-colorado-styled-engagement-shoot-trendy-bride-2 50's-denver-colorado-styled-engagement-shoot-trendy-bride 50's-denver-colorado-styled-engagement-shoot-trendy-bride-3

The sleek design of the terminal provided a timeless backdrop for the beautiful couple. They love the look and style of the 1950’s, so they incorporated that era in with their photographs. While at the airport, they made use of the natural landscape and captured some amazing sunset shots before the sun dipped below the Rockies.

50's-denver-colorado-styled-engagement-shoot-trendy-bride-4 50's-denver-colorado-styled-engagement-shoot-trendy-bride-25 50's-denver-colorado-styled-engagement-shoot-trendy-bride-24 50's-denver-colorado-styled-engagement-shoot-trendy-bride-5 50's-denver-colorado-styled-engagement-shoot-trendy-bride-26 50's-denver-colorado-styled-engagement-shoot-trendy-bride-7 50's-denver-colorado-styled-engagement-shoot-trendy-bride-6 50's-denver-colorado-styled-engagement-shoot-trendy-bride-9 50's-denver-colorado-styled-engagement-shoot-trendy-bride-8 50's-denver-colorado-styled-engagement-shoot-trendy-bride-10 styled engagement shoot

If you and your loved one like to jet set around the world, show it off in your engagement photos and choose an airport as your location!

Photographer:  Chris & Melodie Photographers//